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"Even after decades of accountability pressures, teachers still struggle with using data to inform instructional practice, often because they receive inadequate data-related professional learning."

Jeffrey Wayman, Ph.D
Teacher Needs for Data-Related Professional Learning. Wayman & Jimerson, 2014.

Causal Analysis: Missing Piece of the Data Puzzle? Appears in newest issue of SEEN (SouthEast Education Network) Magazine Spring 2015, Issue 17.1. Read how savvy teachers systematically dig into the “why-why-why” with achievement data to find effective ways to improve their practice and student learning. Free templates, how-tos, and resource links. More >>

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Rural school visit demonstrates impact of effective use of classroom data
Members of the Oklahoma Rural Schools Research Alliance, as well as 18 teachers and principals from Byng Public Schools, attended Using Data workshops in August and September 2014 to learn about the effective use of data to inform classroom instruction. More >>

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